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Training Requirements Management in 1 day - Brussel and Antwerp
In the practical oriented training you learn the essence off requirements management and it's practical application.

Requirements Management trainingRequirements management covers the gather, document, control and and realisation of the needs, wishes and demands of the stakeholders involved.
The training exclusively covers the areas of Business- and IT requirements as well as those for software development.

For whom?
This 1 day introductionary Requirements Management is for those who are profesionally involved in the development of Architectures, IT systems and software engineering. Like:
- Product Owner
- Business Analists
- IT Architects
- IT Developes

Approach en subjects
By applying and experiencing you will learn the effects of clear vs unclear and complete vs incomplete requirements on the outcome of the solution.  There is elaboration about the background, techniues and tools used in requirements management. You then will learn to apply those using practical casus and exercises. The following subjects are coverd.

  • Requirements Mangement Process (SDM, RUP, Agile/Scrum, TOGAF)
  • Gather and Document requirements
  • Control and traceability of  requirements
  • Quality en expectations (ISO 25010 - SQuaRE)
  • Supporting techniques and tooling (ArchiMate, UML)

The Unit Associate Trainer: Marc Geelen
This training is delivered via The Unit Associates, your trainer: Marc Geelen. Marc has over 20+ years of experience in the development of complex IT systems and solutions. He has a broad view in respect towards Business requirements and the linkage to IT including translations toward the software development area. His experiences as a seasoned IT application architect, service manager, project manager, en software developer enables Marc to apply various delivery models and theories towards common daily practical usage.

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